Where we are

The MEDIT SILVA Foundation currently carries out its institutional activities at the temporary office located in Frontone (PU), Via Giovanni XXIII n. 3, open Monday to Thursday from 08.00 to 17.00 and Friday from 08.00 to 15.00, waiting to move to the new headquarters located in Sorchio (m 472 a.s.l.), at the edge of Frontone’s municipal area and neighboring with the Sant’Abbondio’s municipality area.

In detail, it is a building approximately of 250 square meters with attached plots of land on a surface of over 5,000 m. and it is subject to benevolent and recent donation to the foundation. The village, known as “Sortis”, during the low medieval centuries, never managed to rise at castle, but still had a Curia and a tiny legal district. In the first half of the thirteenth century, the village was directly under the authority of Fonte Avellana’s hermitage; subsequently at first it went under the authority of Gubbio and then of Serra Sant’Abbondio. Sorchio belonged to Frontone’s municipality (comune) district in 1808 and, during the twentieth century for some years, it was the municipal headquarter before being transferred to the castle and then to today’s Frontone’s village. Some signs remain of its former glory: the building which served as a municipal headquarter, with its sandstone doorway, is still visible and recognizable.

In light of the donation received, the foundation intends to reinvigorate Sorchio’s village , both in virtue of its glorious past, and , above all, in satisfying the needs of the younger generation and the environmentally friendly development of the existing resources in the district.