Environmental education

ince 2003, CEA Medit Silva has started the “Memory and Environment Project”(Progetto Memoria e Ambiente) developed in collaboration with the Comprehensive Educational Institute “G. Binotti “Pergola (PU)(Istituto Scolastico Comprensivo “G. Binotti” di Pergola (PU)) for the students of the schools in Frontone (PU) and Serra Sant’Abbondio (PU), to retrieve the memory of the common properties and to spread the knowledge to new generations on the topics of this type of properties.

The CEA has produced several texts related to environmental education, including the volume “Caro Ranco”, awarded in 2009 within the XXVIII National Culture Award “Frontino Montefeltro”(XXVIII Premio Nazionale di
Cultura “Frontino Montefeltro”).


EDU. AMB. - 2

Since the 2011-­‐2012 school year, Medit Silva, in collaboration with other CEAs and with the leader of the LABTER in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, has been participating to announcements of regional competitions on environmental education and submits projects related to a specific supra-­‐municipal territorial area with the aim to further spread out the educational research project “Memory and Environment” (Memoria e Ambiente), with further analyses on the rich anthropological heritage of the Apennine mountain areas.