Forestry activities and natural resources Research and Experimentation Centre

The research and investigation activities and the numerous experiences developed in the forestry management field and historical scientific research of the management of the mountain areas, have allowed the gathering of a large number of documents and experiences of remarkable interest, not only cultural-­‐historical, but also economic and operational. The developing of projects have allowed Medit Silva to collect numerous testimonies and publications of different rural realities, not only of the Apennines, but also of the Alpine and other European rural realities, as well as maturing and expanding their knowledge and skills in areas such as associationism and forestry management, Common Agricultural Policy and Rural Development Policy in the design and development of inland mountain territories,EU strategies, with particular reference to the agro‐silvi‐pastoral sector and in areas of development and use of ICT, the organization of national and international events on landscape and environmental resources.


Among Medit Silva Foundation’s activities carried out in the related field, it is mentioned the involvement in the “Foreste da Vivere – Multifunzionalità delle Foreste ed Uso Sostenibile delle Risorse Ambientali nelle Aree Rurali”, of which the first extract was financed by CIPE 76 / 07 resolution dated 03/08/2007, carried out by the “Consorzio Nazionale per la Valorizzazione delle Risorse e dei Prodotti Forestali”, with its headquarters in Frontone (PU). This project, which is an operational continuity of the “Progetto Foresta Appenninica” financed by CIPE resolution dated 12/21/1999, has the objective of developing and implementing political and operational guidelines for the relaunch of forestry associations and for the enhancement of resources and services in mountain areas.